welcome to chair yoga

Strengthen your muscles, improve your balance, and increase your flexibility, while bringing clarity and focus to your mind. Feel the relaxation and calmness that yoga can bring, while practicing with the stability and security of a comfortable chair.

Yoga helps us to focus our minds and be in the present. When was the last time you were driving your car that you actually brought your awareness to driving? Did you actually feel your hands on the steering wheel, and notice the car around you and the world outside your windows? Our minds are always thinking of the next call we have to make, the next task to do at work, the upcoming issues to take care of at our homes.

Your yoga practice can bring you to the present, to your awareness of your self, to knowing where you are in each moment. This brings brings improved focus, clarity, and balance at home and work.

Success Stories

I have been taking chair yoga classes with Jen for almost a year. My balance and strength in my legs has grown so much stronger! And my posture is so much better! I am so much more aware of how my body feels as I use my muscles.

- Barbara D.

I was always unsure about doing a yoga class, because I have arthritis issues and getting up and down off a mat is not comfortable for me.
I tried chair yoga with Jennifer Jean and I immediately loved the relaxation of the mind and body she brings through her guidance, without the discomfort of mat work.

- Dan M.

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