How is chair yoga different than other traditional forms of yoga?

Chair yoga does not require that a person get up and down off the floor to do yoga poses on a mat. As we sit in a comfortable chair, we begin with our deep, balanced breaths, connecting our awareness to our bodies, as we begin our movements.
Chair yoga still involves traditional poses, such as child’s pose, downward dog, plank and many others, modified to use a chair as part of the movement. You will still have the same mind-body connection that a traditional mat yoga class has, but in a comfortable seated position. We also do some optional standing yoga asanas, still using the chair as part of our practice for stability and support.

What is a typical class like?

Each class is unique to the clients attending. I begin by asking if there are any particular joint issues or health concerns that we need to accommodate in our movements, to ensure a safe gentle yoga experience for everyone.
As we become comfortable in our chairs, bringing our awareness to our breathing and our bodies, we begin with gentle, stretching and lifting movements of the upper body and head. Then we move to gentle warm-up movements of the legs and arms. I incorporate small movements in rejuvenating twists through the midsection. Then we move on to strengthening balance moves and to traditional yoga poses incorporating the chair in our pose.
We end with savasana, the relaxation part of our practice. Savasana brings stillness, and calmness throughout mind and body. As we sit and focus on each area of our body and release any remaining tension, I have a meditative saying and yoga bells with a soft chime to end the class.

What should I wear to a chair yoga class?

Wear light, comfortable clothing that stretched and moves with you. Light layers are good, since at the end of class in savasana as our bodies become totally still and relaxed, we may need an extra layer to be warm.

Success Stories

I have been taking chair yoga classes with Jen for almost a year. My balance and strength in my legs has grown so much stronger! And my posture is so much better! I am so much more aware of how my body feels as I use my muscles. I enjoy her quiet guidance through the movements, since I had never done a yoga class before taking chair yoga with Jen. I feel comfortable in the class.

Barbara D. | Teacher

I was always unsure about doing a yoga class, because I have arthritis issues and getting up and down off a mat is not comfortable for me.
I tried chair yoga with Jennifer Jean and I immediately loved the relaxation of the mind and body she brings through her guidance, without the discomfort of mat work. The chair is great for stability and support! I have also learned how to calm my mind whenever I feel stress, by using the yoga breathing that I have learned in her class.

Dan M. | Executive

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