Who can it help?

Professionals in the work place

Any repetitive work and work-related stress can leave you feeling run down and tired. Chair yoga can help energize your workday and bring increased focus to your work through relaxation, calmness and awareness. Learning how to breathe properly in a stressful situation and how to remove tension can make the workplace a more productive environment.


The use of walkers, wheelchairs, and a general decrease in activity can leave your body stiff and unbalanced. Chair yoga can help restore a sense of fluidity to the tissue and bring stronger balance to help prevent falls.

Parents and caregivers

Chair yoga classes provide down time from the hectic pace of parenting or caregiving. Chair yoga also provides a release from stress and ways to handle difficult situations.When you feel stronger, calmer and more flexible in your body and mind, you can experience more energy in your activities.

Those recovering from illness

As important as physical healing is, the mental part of healing is just as important. Chair yoga can help the mind to connect with the body’s needs as we heal, bringing an awareness of the areas that need that strength and nourishment from the mind.

Success Stories

I have been taking chair yoga classes with Jen for almost a year. My balance and strength in my legs has grown so much stronger! And my posture is so much better! I am so much more aware of how my body feels as I use my muscles. I enjoy her quiet guidance through the movements, since I had never done a yoga class before taking chair yoga with Jen. I feel comfortable in the class.

Barbara D. | Teacher

I was always unsure about doing a yoga class, because I have arthritis issues and getting up and down off a mat is not comfortable for me.
I tried chair yoga with Jennifer Jean and I immediately loved the relaxation of the mind and body she brings through her guidance, without the discomfort of mat work. The chair is great for stability and support! I have also learned how to calm my mind whenever I feel stress, by using the yoga breathing that I have learned in her class.

Dan M. | Executive

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